what is your personal approach to design?

My goal as a designer is to meet your needs, to reflect your style and preferences, and to make your project exactly what you want it to be.  I am designing for you; that is the challenge and fun of each project I face.  The first thing I consider is what the person/s I am designing for wants.  I work side by side with you to discover your personal preferences and goals for your project.  Take a look at my portfolio, and you will see that my work reflects different styles according to the look and feel of what each homeowner wants, Mediterranean, Craftsman, whatever matches the existing style of their home, or whatever transforms their residence into the home of their dreams.

Personally, I like to keep things simple; neat clean lines.  I prefer more modern, minimalist approach to architectural design, but am not limited to it.  I can get as detailed as specifying the millwork on your bathroom cabinetry if you want, or simply produce plans for construction that leave all of the creative details up to you.

can I speak with some of your clients?

Sure.  Feel free to contact me, and I can provide you with some email addresses of previous clients who are willing to be contacted.

Are you an Architect?

My education is in the field of interior architecture, a combination of both interior design and architectural design.  Partnering with a licensed engineer, I am able to provide all of the services an architect can.  A significant difference between me and an architect is price.  The individuals who continually bring work to me do so not only because of the quality of my work and the pleasure of working with me, but also because I save them money.

what will your services cost me?

My rates are based on the scope of a project. I can provide a bid price or a time and materials (T&M) rate depending on the preferences of each client.  All potential expenses are detailed in each bid to avoid any unexpected costs for services provided.

Costs involved per project may include:
Hourly rate (Time and Materials)
Engineering (if required)
Title 24 Report

Do you have preferred contractors?

There are a number of contractors with whom I have done work with and would be more than happy to recommend.  I do not tire of making new contacts and am glad to work with any contractor a homeowner has
already selected.

jenbrown@jbdraftingdesign.com | 925-998-3898